Is there a conspiracy to bring people together and unite everyone?

Uncovering the secret cabal of Unity whose members include some of the most powerful people on the planet.

This kind of scene may soon come to a doorstep near you if we’re not careful. Photo credit: Noorulabdeen Ahmad

There’s something strange going on, I tell you. In President Biden’s inauguration speech, there was all this talk of “bringing people together”, and “uniting everyone”. Then I heard the poet Amanda Gorman saying “We seek harm to none and harmony for all,” and I thought, wait a minute: I vaguely remember former President Obama talking about unity as well during his time in office. I started researching, and there it was, all over the place. For example, in his farewell speech, Obama said about our founding fathers “…but they knew that democracy does require a basic sense of solidarity — the idea that for all our outward differences, we are all in this together; that we rise or fall as one.” And that’s when it hit me: There’s a conspiracy out there to bring people together and unite everyone in America, and possibly the world.

Elvis was part of it.

Ever since I had my realization, I’ve compiled a list of 514 “unifiers”, as I call them, and it goes back to Abraham Lincoln, and even farther than that. This group is old, man! And it’s not just politicians, but it’s artists, business people, all kinds of personalities. Elvis was in on it too! In his song “Let Us Pray”, Elvis keeps saying “Let’s pray together, pray together.” Why else would he sing this, if he wasn’t part of a cabal of unifiers?

I know this may all sound a bit crazy, but it’s true, I have proof. I have a record of every one of the 514 unifiers sending out repeated messages on unity, bringing people together, love, peace and harmony. You can contact me for more details. And this is just what I could compile from public documents. This conspiracy has been staring us in the face all this time, and no one seems to be talking about it!

The divisioners are fighting back.

But don’t worry, I’ve also discovered that there are people working to sow division around the world and unravel this cabal of unity. You can recognize the “divisioners” through their rhetoric of blame, shame and rage. They point fingers, they pit groups against each other, they help polarize society by amplifying messages that draw outrage and they support lies to create confusion. I won’t disclose names, as I don’t want to compromise their identity and their unholy task in front of them, but you can probably spot some of them now that I’ve pointed out some of their tactics.

Call people names to help the struggle.

A cabal of unifiers is out there my friends, trust me, and has been for a long time. It’s trying to bring people together, make them respect one another, make everyone prosperous, including YOU AND ME. It’s up to us, the people, to unravel their work. How? Supporting even the smallest message of disunity helps. If you think someone says or does something wrong, don’t try to understand them and foster constructive conversation, just point fingers, call people out and belittle them, call them names. Also, pick a side and never ty to put yourself in the other group’s shoes, that works really well. The great thing is that these tactics work in face-to-face conversations as well as on social media. As long as we each do our part, unity will never happen and citizens will never have a shared sense of meaning and purpose!

In his inauguration speech, President Biden said that in all of the trials that America faced, “ENOUGH OF US have come together to carry all of us through.” Well, now I say that if ENOUGH OF US sow messages of disunity, it will be enough to hold a unified America back. And possibly the world. Just remember: Point fingers, belittle, call names, pick a side and vilify everyone that’s not on it. Let’s each do our part to decimate this cabal of Unity.

Psychology & Neuroscience graduate, doing a MSc in Computer Science at UCL. Interested in consciousness, philosophy, sociology & cyberpsychology, or mind+tech.

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